The Excel Features We’ve Waited 25 Years For

Two new Microsoft Excel features have a good chance of becoming the most celebrated innovations in Excel history. No, not the 3D models that Office now includes. Nor any new calculation functions, charting features, or modelling extravaganzas.As a matter of fact, nothing at all about the┬ácontent of Excel workbooks. I’m merely talking GUI and usability. […]

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Reset Buttons Are Evil

Dear web designers, Can you please STOP ADDING RESET BUTTONS to your forms? There hasn’t been a single user in the entire history of the interwebs who filled out a web form, and then went, “O wait, all of that isn’t right, I’ve entered the wrong information! What to do, what to do, but pull […]

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Dropbox And Boxifier: What A Team!

Full disclosure: I’m off Dropbox, and as a sad result, also off Boxifier. They still make a great tag team; that part of the below blog post stands. But recently, Dropbox announced that they would increase my annual fee by 20% for doubling my storage to 2TB (while I used only about 10% of the […]

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Fixing WiFi Internet Speed Issues

This is far from comprehensive, but probably useful for others than myself. This post details the troubleshooting steps I went through after my internet speed dropped dramatically at home, from a normal 50-100 Mbps or more to 3 or (much) less, with intermittent dropouts, much fluctuation, and the accompanying slow or absent loading of web […]

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EverNote Rules

I tried. I really did. When Evernote decided last year to limit their free accounts to what amounts to trial use only, I abandoned the best note-taking tool on the planet, and out of sheer spite moved to Microsoft OneNote. I even ranted about Evernote’s evil corporate greed on Facebook. Evernote, I apologize from the […]

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Hanging Indent In WordPress

Note: if this post is useful to you, please consider liking or sharing it, or otherwise making me, my blog and/or my website famous… Don’t you hate it when your WordPress theme makes a mess of your numbered and bulleted lists? I’m sure some themes do a good job by default, but a theme like […]

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