Last year, I wrote 40011 words of my Broken World* novel, a project that excited (and excites) me so much I spent almost every single one of my train commutes pounding out new words for four months straight. I even entered into a three-way-duel with fellow writers Bo Balder and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz during the Clarion […]

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When In Doubt, Buy Gadget

What to do if my on-train writing during my twice-daily 45-minute commute is frustrated by bad technology? Swiftkey, the app I embraced as God’s gift to writers, may on second glance not actually have been created by a Supreme Being after all, despite being all but worshipped by Android users around the globe. At first […]

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Clarion West Write-A-Thon

Now I’ve done it. No escape. No excuses. No more easy weeks of seeing how many words I can manage to pound out in my daily commutes. In the six weeks the Clarion West Workshop runs this year, from 23 June through 2 August, I’m participating in their Write-A-Thon, and committed to write 21600 new […]

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