Month: August 2017

Fixing WiFi Internet Speed Issues

This is far from comprehensive, but probably useful for others than myself. This post details the troubleshooting steps I went through after my internet speed dropped dramatically at home, from a normal 50-100 Mbps or more to 3 or (much) less, with intermittent dropouts, much fluctuation, and the accompanying slow or absent loading of web […]

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The Saga of UPS and I-Parcel Continues

Attempted Logistics – The Continuing Ineptness of I-Parcel – How I-Parcel Managed To See The Future (Or Lie) – The End Of the I-Parcel Affair – The Saga of UPS and i-Parcel Continues – Customer Service Done Properly And then, five months later, a Twitter user who suffered through the same frustrating ineptness from UPS I-Parcel […]

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