How Shazam Worked Before Shazam

Last week, while waiting for my train, I heard a song that I justĀ had to identify. I held up my phone, tapped Shazam, and in seconds, I knew it was Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills. In an seemingly unrelated thread of my life, I decided that I wanted to learn to play the little […]

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Dropbox And Boxifier: What A Team!

Full disclosure: I’m off Dropbox, and as a sad result, also off Boxifier. They still make a great tag team; that part of the below blog post stands. But recently, Dropbox announced that they would increase my annual fee by 20% for doubling my storage to 2TB (while I used only about 10% of the […]

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A Guide to Solving Rubik’s Cube

Blast from the past: my not-quite-eight-year-old son suddenly wanted to own a Rubik’s Cube. A couple of his classmates had one, and he was fascinated with the colorful 3D puzzle. I used to own a bunch myself, and had a method of solving the thing memorized from a convenient little booklet. Unfortunately, we had recently […]

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Fixing WiFi Internet Speed Issues

This is far from comprehensive, but probably useful for others than myself. This post details the troubleshooting steps I went through after my internet speed dropped dramatically at home, from a normal 50-100 Mbps or more to 3 or (much) less, with intermittent dropouts, much fluctuation, and the accompanying slow or absent loading of web […]

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EverNote Rules

I tried. I really did. When Evernote decided last year to limit their free accounts to what amounts to trial use only, I abandoned the best note-taking tool on the planet, and out of sheer spite moved to Microsoft OneNote. I even ranted about Evernote’s evil corporate greed on Facebook. Evernote, I apologize from the […]

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Proof That The Kindle Is Really A Great E-reader

The Amazon Kindle is a really, really, great device. I’m not basing this on any intrinsic qualities of the thing, but on the fact that Amazon believes they can get away with the kind of customer “service” they provide, and that they appear to be right. In fact, I like my Kindle so much that […]

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